The Delicious Pork at Piggylicious Jogja

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“I’m starving and I want something delicious!” your mind exclaimed. You start looking for some options and figure out that you want some pork. The next question will be, “Where can I find tasty pork in Jogja?”

Jogja has some restaurants and stalls which will offer you pork. This time you’ll get to know one; Piggylicious. What do you think of first when you read the word “piggylicious”? Does it recall your childhood memory of watching Sesame Street and saw Miss Piggy in one of those series? Hehe… Or maybe you think of the yummy pork?

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I am not a frequent pork eater. However, I still can recognize tasty pork as tasty pork. Why do I write about it here? Why do I recommend it to you? Well, Piggylicious is one of the places in which I’d like to come back again, again, and again. It indeed serves some pork menus. Located in a quiet area, this restaurant will be a nice place for you to have either a nice lunch or dinner.  If you want some peace in the middle of a hectic day and something mouthwatering on your plate, this is the place for you.

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It was a long day and all we wanted was just some delicious dinner. My girls and I then decided to dine out at Piggylicious. This place had some menus such as Pork Belly, B2 Pedas Manado, B2 Pedas, Nasi Goreng, Iga Bakar and many more. After looking at the menus’ list for at least 10 minutes, Anin finally decided to order Pork Belly, Hana and Tyas had B2 Pedas Manado (Spicy Manado Pork), and I chose B2 Pedas (Spicy Pork).

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How did it taste? The Pork Belly was really good. It looked crispy but it was soft enough to chew. I didn’t hear any complain from Anin. She picked this menu because she disliked spicy food and this one isn’t spicy at all. However, together with the Pork Belly, they served sambal for the customers who wanted to have it spicy. Sambal surely enriched the taste of the Pork Belly even more.

B2 Pedas Manado was rich in taste. The smell of lemon basil mixed with bird’s eye chili and key lime was nice. It was even nicer when I ate it; such a party in my mouth. I loved it! This menu is perfect for you the spicy lover! Ho ho…

The pork on my plate was spicy.  It tasted slightly different from B2 Pedas Manado. They didn’t put any lemon basil here but it wasn’t less delicious. I am sure they also had bird’s eye chili as one of the ingredients because both of my nose and tongue could catch its aroma.

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How much did we spend on the dishes? The Pork Belly was IDR 40,000 (US $ 3, 1 USD = 13,319 IDR). The price of B2 Pedas Manado was IDR 35,000 (US $ 2.63) and I had B2 Pedas at the same price as the Pork Belly.

If you love eating pork or you want to taste pork cooked in Indonesian ways, I recommend you to visit Piggylicious so that you can have a little culinary adventure with pork on the plates! The restaurant is pretty homey. It’s not so big. It’s like you’re visiting a house of a nice modest lady who serves you well cooked food.

Piggylicious is located on Jl. Ahmad Zakir No. 2 Kotabaru (read Jl = jalan)—Ahmad Zakir street No. 2, Kotabaru. It opens every day; Monday to Thursday  (5pm to 11pm) and Friday to Sunday (11am to 10pm).

That’s all for now. Do you think you’d like to have some pork while visiting Jogja? What about pork in your hometown? What’s your favorite pork dish?