Pinus Asri: The Pine Forest of Dlingo


How would you like to spend your Sunday morning in Jogja? Do you think some fresh air would be a nice idea? If it is, you probably would love to visit the pine forest as what I did with my brother.

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Pinus Asri is one of the spots the local people like to visit. Located in Dlingo, this place is about 60 minutes from the center of the city. As this article is written, there’s no entrance fee to pay for visiting this place. You just need to pay for parking your vehicle.

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My trip to Pinus Asri started at around 9.00 am. It was a cloudy day. If it wasn’t cloudy, the road would be pretty hot. It got better once I was about to go up the hill since there were more trees and their shadows protected me from the heat. Unfortunately, the cloudy day turned to be a rainy day. Rain fell while I was going up to the forest with my brother. It was a windy wet trip I had and the curves on the roads didn’t help at all for a faster riding.

Rain didn’t change my mind to visit Pinus Asri. Arrived at its parking area, I had to wait for the rain to stop for about an hour. Luckily, there were some stalls for visitors to sit. These stalls offered food and beverage with affordable price. I picked one stall and stayed there waiting for the rain to stop and had fried noodle at IDR 7,000 (US $ 0.5, 1 USD = 13,321 IDR).

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After waiting for about an hour, finally I could really visit Pinus Asri. The welcoming gate was made of wood and it had Javanese letters which greeted you, “Sugeng rawuh ing Pinus Asri” (welcome to Pinus Asri). About three meters from this welcome gate, there was a small welcome plank and a floral love sign as a photo spot. I of course took my time to take one or two photos there!

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Going in to the forest, apart from lots of pine trees, I could see some spots for visitors to take pictures. If only there was no rain, this place could be a romantic place for lovebirds. Enjoying the nature and the fresh air with your beloved one… Who doesn’t want that? Yet you could ask your significant other to take your photos!

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There were two things I liked to find in Pinus Asri. First was the green scenery. I hardly found this in the city. It felt so good just to sit on one of the wooden benches there and did nothing but embraced the moment with the nature. Second was the sound of the nature. When I had a moment of silent and I paid attention on how the wind danced between leaves and twigs, the sound they created together called out peace.

If you are interested in visiting Pinus Asri, below here are notes from me:

  • Better not to visit Pinus Asri after the rain just stops falling. The paths get slippery and you will end up having mud on your shoes.

  • For a such large area, Pinus Asri is lack of trash cans.

  • Taking photos seems to be the favorite thing to do in Pinus Asri. You can easily find people pose here and there. If you’d like to have more silence, consider to visit this pine forest on weekdays.

So, that was my trip to Pinus Asri. Thank you for reading this far. What do you think about Pinus Asri? Would you like to visit it while staying in Jogja? What would you love to see in Jogja?


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