Bakso Kota Cakman: The Meatball Soup for Culinary Adventurers

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Have you heard anything about “bakso”? Do you have any clue what it is? No?

Bakso is Indonesian meatball. This is one of the foods you shall try while traveling here if you are into a culinary adventure. As a street food or in a restaurant, bakso always has fans. Some people say bakso is perfect for a hot sunny day and others assume this meatball is perfect for a rainy day. The word “bakso” itself can be used for describing a single meatball or some meatballs.

What can you have in a bowl of bakso?

There are variations on how to serve bakso. In a bowl of bakso you have…bakso! Of course! Hehehe… Nah, it’s not just bakso. Apart from that, people usually serve it with yellow noodles or rice noodles, tofu, Chinese cabbage, and dumpling in a delicious bowl of broth with certain ingredients which as well has celery and crispy fried shallots as topping.

Since there are variations on how to serve bakso, this time we would introduce you one. Bakso Kota Cakman Malioboro

Bakso Kota Cakman. This restaurant is at Jl. Malioboro No. 65 (65th Malioboro street). Before sitting at your most favorite corner, make sure you pick first your bakso.

Bakso Kota Cakman has some variations of bakso and fritters. The cost of the meatball starts from IDR 5,000 (US $ 0.37, 1 US dollar is IDR 13,349). We choose bakso halus, bakso kasar, tahu goreng, and gorengan udang. Together with a bottle of Fruit Tea we spend IDR 25,000.

To eat your bakso, if you like, you can add either sweet soy sauce or tomato ketchup. Some people love to add vinegar as well. If you love it spicy, they also have sambal for you which its main ingredient is bird’s eye chili. “Well, I just want it plain!” – that’s fine as well.

So, let’s take a look at the mixture of our bakso and fritters.

The bakso halus and the bakso kasar looks more or less the same. The difference is on its mixture. The bakso halus has it smoother.

The tahu goreng (fried tofu) at Bakso Kota Cakman is served with meatball. The combination of tofu and bakso is in every bite.

The gorengan udang (shrimp fritter) has a little shrimp inside and we can taste shrimp as well in its fritter paste. Bakso Kota Cakman Malioboro, gorengan udang, shrimp fritter

We have our bakso with vinegar and sambal and for us that’s tasteful!

What do you think of bakso? Will you try it while traveling in Jogja? If you have tasted it, what’s your opinion about it?


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