About Us


Hello people of the world!

In Indonesia there’s a saying, ‘Unknown, unloved”. This saying tells it’s impossible for a person to love something which is unknown. What Subway to Paradise is all about and who the writer is will be explained to you briefly so that this blog at least will be something that you know.

What is Subway to Paradise?

Subway to Paradise is a blog which offers you ways to perceive Jogja. This is where the local plays as a tourist to explore the enchanting Jogja. She then writes wholeheartedly her findings here so that you can see what Jogja has for you. Visiting attractive places, attending events, having a culinary adventure and enjoying the summer time utmost in a lovely tropical area are parts of the game.

Jogja is indeed has the major role in the story but of course it won’t be the one and only paradise to write about. The tourist’s game will give you chances as well to peep on other places, sometimes.

Who’s the writer of Subway to Paradise?

Eunike is the writer and she is the one who will have fun here. She will put her diet-pants off to explore tastes. She will steal time every now and then to “show you around”.

Eunike is a Javanese woman who works 9 to 5 on the weekdays. She loves laughing and believes she has a good sense of humor though she hardly can make any jokes. She fancies petrichor and enjoys taking a siesta whenever she can. She is into old buildings from ancient temples to colonial houses. During her free time she likes cooking, watching some movies, and hanging out with her friends or her mom. She lives with her family and a dog named Muffin. If you’d like to know her further you can find her on Twitter and Instagram.